Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RocketSnail Finished and Unfinished Projects!

Rocketsnail has released many online games that were mostly unpopular or unheard of. When Rocketsnail sold Walt Disney Penguin Chat for 7 Million dollars, they knew it was a great offer. Finally business for them. Little did they know that Club Penguins few small changes would give Disney Billions in return. The new name of the website is Club Penguin.
Rocketsnail had more than just Penguin Chat, Mancala, and Ballistic Biscuits, they had Projects created for special websites. Below are the Projects that were hidden from Club Penguin lovers until today.
Wander Around as Little Robots and chat with your fellow developers.
(No website)
My Review: looks pretty cool but it must not have gotten far because there is no more results.
TV Chat
Characters can select from 6 characters and 5 faces.

(No Website)
My Review: Doesn't look all that cool.

Quiz Out
This multi-user game allows players to create their own character and chat or challenge other players to an online Bible Quiz match.
(No Website)
My Review: What's with Rocketsnail and Bibles?
Mancala Bugs
A custom new version that includes 4 new bugs, animation and a title.
(Used to be on
My Review: looks the same as Mancala but with bugs!
Letter Lasso
A custom version of Word Crunch that includes a wild west theme, with new artwork and music.
My Review: Very cool updated version of word puzzles!
Larry's Wild Water Ride
A Veggietails version of our popular kids game Ballistsic Biscuit.
(No Website)
Who would've known you could swim with your veggies?!
Bart's Watersports
Replace our hero Bob from our game Ballistic Biscuit and replace it with the company's mascot.
(No Website)
My Review: Just another Hydro Hopper/ Ballistsic Biscuits game. But the mascot idea is great for business!
Goat Chat
Visit the Farm and chat with the Goats.
(No Webstie)
My Review: The game was created for a Constest and it looks pretty cool!
Crab Chat
Players can select from our colourful crabs, build sand castles, and chat with friends.
(No Website)
My Review: I think it would be a great idea! Insatead of Penguins have Crabs!
Chibi Friends Chat
Chibi Friends Members can select from 12 characters and join the party at club Sapphire.
My Review: Girls Only?! Looks like Club Penguin with girls as penguins.
Bible Crunch
A custom version of Word Crunch that includes new artwork and logo based on the Holman Christian Standard Bible.
(No Website)
My Review: No more Bibles! Stick with the original.

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