Saturday, May 23, 2009

Penguin Storm 6

Penguin Storm 6 is up but I do not have pictures because it is not working and has a white screen when you try using it. It may work again but for now they may have to make a new one just so it works.

--To Download--

Rockhopper's New Backround!

Rockhopper has been spotted all around and is ready for a party if you come. The new backround has him, his ship, and his puffle Yarr. And also in his Player Card, He added his puffle friend Yarr becuase Disney is sponsoring Nation Friendship Month. It's where you have a friend and help plant trees and plants to help the world.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

CP Trainer 2 Plus

CP Trainer basicly teaches you how to use the new and improved penguin storm 5.1. It only has half or the features of the Penguin Storm but is still worth your time and patience with the program.

To download Penguin Trainer 2 Plus safely and easily, go to the following link.

Penguin Storm 5

Feature #1: You can now play games from any room you want.

Feature #2: Higher Coin Amounts than before.

Feature #3: Ability to delete other players(and yourself).

Feature #4: Follow Bot option under BOTS.
Feature #5: List of item ID's that are available.

Feature #6: Ability to change to preset characters.

Penguin Storm 5 Download

Penguin Storm is safe, virus free, and fun to play on.

Club Penguin Puffle Video