Saturday, July 11, 2009

Penguin Storm 7

Penguin Storm 7 just came out with some new features!
1.Option to remove blue player ring

2. Rotation on players such as 90º, 180º, and 270º.

3. Ability to flip the players screen.

4. Option to change all players into puffles.

To download the new Penguin Storm 7, go here

And to watch videos on how to download penguin storm to windows, go here



Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Stuff

Penguin Storm 7 beta 3 is now out.
Online Money Maker Beta is out.

Just go to and download 100% safe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

So much before the 4th!

First of all there's a Pin Getter and a Sensei Backround Getter

Pin Getter:

Sensie Backround getter:
You can trust them I've tried it with 2 accounts and it's 100% safe.

Second, the Money Maker 1.4

And third, Penguin Storm 7.1 Beta 2 is out which means Penguin Storm 7 is coming soon.

And 4th of all, Happy 4th of July from Puyttre!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

iPuffle 3g

The new iPuffle 3g is here.

Get your dream phone starting at just $399.

Why You'll Love the iPuffle
It’s a phone, an MP300, and an Internet device in one. It gives you access to thousands of flapplications. And it’s built on technology that’s years ahead of its time.
Flapps for iPuffle
Discover flapps from the Flapp Store that help you do more with iPuffle. From games to business to health and fitness, there’s an flapp for that.

Comes in two colors:

Find a Puffle Reatil Store Near You!

Puffle Retail Store Location:


I Should be Bambadee!!

I was on Rockhoppers ship the WHOLE time! You can't fool me CP I read the whole story. I want a free item and become famous!!! Well maybe if they see this I will be special and be worlds #1 Penguin and rockhopper will be my pet.

Club Penguin Puffle Video