Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old Club Penguin

Back when Club Penguin was first created after the beta test in October 26, 2005, I took some Screen shots and videos.

Choose a penguin, give it a name, and explore Club Penguin!

Interact with other penguins by chatting, playing games, using emotes (emotion icons) and actions (ie. wave, dance, sit, walk or throw a snowball). By playing games, you can earn virtual coins that allow you to buy clothing and accessories for your penguin or furniture for your igloo.

Chatting and gaming are the two most popular online activities for kids, yet most virtual worlds are focused on an older audience. We wanted to create a fun, online world that we’d be comfortable letting our own kids visit.

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Aminah Albajrai said...

See in 2012 its new! and i cant buyitems expect puffles these all for members

Club Penguin Puffle Video